House Cleaning

Rumors are swirling about Kelvin Sampson being on his way out at Indiana. Buck Rampage at CobraBrigade posted this update on the situation.

I heard tonight from a supposedly reliable source that Kelvin Sampson is going to be fired as head coach of the Indiana University men’s basketball team. We all already know the trouble that he has already been in with the phone call violations and what not. I have heard that other trouble has been brewing in Hoosier land that deals directly with the Jordan Crawford and Armon Bassett suspensions. Supposedly, these suspensions stem from the Chicago Invitational Challenge that IU took part in from 18-24 November. The reason for these suspensions has been a very vaguely portrayed as a “breaking of team rules”. I believe and I think a lot of people have assumed that these suspensions stemmed from some type of drug use. These are college kids…..they were chill’n in Chi-town, with some hometown fools (Ellis and Thomas), this is a very possible reason for these suspensions. And it appears that it could a plausible reason for Sampson’s dismissal.

Interesting to seem the least, this could be the last straw in Bloomington for the man in charge.

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