Who runs this blog?

UM Hoops was founded and is currently edited by Dylan Burkhardt.

When did UM Hoops launch?

UM Hoops was born on December 15th, 2007. The site has been through several design iterations, the most recent of which was launched in December, 2014.

Is UM Hoops affiliated with the University of Michigan?

No! UM Hoops is operated independently and has no affiliation with the University of Michigan.

Can I contribute?

We’re always looking for people with unique skillsets to join our team. Specifically we are looking for people with multimedia skills — photography, video editing, graphic design, infographics, web design, animation — and any other technical skills that could be helpful. We currently have our beat writer, but we are always in the market for freelancers, recruiting correspondents and additional help.

Can I subscribe to updates?

Yes. Our RSS feed can be accessed by clicking here. If that’s not enough, follow us here on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Why was my comment deleted?

The UM Hoops staff reserves to right to delete any comments and ban any poster. Profanity, personal attacks, and other offensive posts will be deleted. Other posts are mistakenly caught by the spam filter. If you have any issues about comments being deleted please e-mail us directly — umhoops@gmail.com —  rather than asking in the comments.

How can I locate old articles/content?

Visit our archives for a listing of every post that has appeared on UM Hoops. You can also search, through the search bar above.

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