Transfer Talk

Rumors have been swirling about potential transfers in and out. First off the message boards have been flying with talk about potential transfers and rumblings on this front. I think most of this is unsubstantiated at this point and is not worth worrying about. Manny, DeShawn, and Ekpe are not going anywhere at this point. If they were going to Manny would have gone to Tennessee, DeShawn to Oregon etc. when they had their chance this spring. Losing hurts and there will be rough patches this year but these kids will stick it out.

Alex LegionNext, back to Alex Legion, seems like this is a topic that won’t go away. The rumors were strong that he would go to Illinois a week ago, and now the Notre Dame rumors are strong. The vibe that I get at this point is that Alex Legion is choosing where he wants to go this time: not Green, not his dad, not his mom. In this case I think that place is Notre Dame, however something is holding this process up. At one point I heard that Notre Dame may not have extended an offer yet. I also heard that while mom and dad may want Legion at Michigan, he doesn’t want to return to Ann Arbor because of how things have happened in the past and not wanting to deal with the past.

As Michigan fans we need to let the Alex Legion situation go, there are too many factors working against Michigan at this point for it to work out. Wish Alex the best because he is not a bad kid but it’s not going to work out for the Maize and Blue. And in the mean time be happy with Jordan Morgan and hopefully (most-likely) Laval Lucas-Perry.

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