Links & Randoms 12-21-2008

  • Laval Lucas-Perry video on MGoBlue (bottom right). Good interview, very well spoken kid.
  • Watch tomorrows game online here
  • Preview of Stuart Douglass’ upcoming game
  • Manny Harris
  • A story on Legion to make it clear that he is NOT going to end up a Wolverine.
  • Eric Lacy on the lineups Michigan has been using lately. A major problem IMO.
  • Snyder on LLP

Another update from Nathan Fenno, Verne Lundquist and Billy Packer were at practice, LLP made his debut, Beilein wants to add a big tight end for the scout team ( Guess: Carson Butler) and Jerret Smith may be back soon.

Tomorrow will be a fun one. I am headed to the Michigan game at 2 and then up to the Palace for the “Spartan Clash” featuring MSU vs Texas and Oakland vs Oregon. Hopefully Michigan can make it an interesting game.


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