Another Departure

Jerret Smith is officially off the team. As I have said all along there is more to this than just bad grades. Nobody seems to know the whole situation (as evidenced by Lacy’s blog yesterday). Here is the statement from Beilein

“We have certain expectations of the student-athletes in our basketball program,” said Beilein. “After over a month of evaluation and discussion, our coaching staff has decided that Jerret has not made sufficient effort to meet these expectations. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the future of our basketball program that we move in a different direction.”

This is different than being considered academically ineligible in my opinion. It more so seems to be not meeting expectations of the team and his position. There has also been friction between Jerret and Beilein in practice it seems (i.e. blowup in practice) and the combination of this led to Jerret’s departure. It does not come as much surprise because Jerret has not even been around the team for the last couple weeks since the suspension began and it seemed like only a matter of time. This kind of thing has happened everywhere Beilein has been and by this point it should not be a surprise and we have yet another scholarship.

Also, an update on Justin Watts, he plans to visit at some point this season.

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