Holiday Hoops Recruiting Updates

Ben Cronin continued his stellar play in the Mayor’s Roundball Tournament and helped lead his team to their second straight championship and his second straight MVP. Watch video here (click ‘Watch the story’), boxscore, .

Henninger retained the Mayor’s Roundball Tournament trophy thanks to a triple-double from “Big” Ben Cronin.

Cronin had 18 points, 15 rebounds and 11 blocks to lead the Black Knights to a 69-40 win over Fowler. He wins the tournament MVP for the second-straight season.

Here is a good report on Justin Watts from ‘alum_at_acc’ from the Rivals Message Boards:

Very impressed with his attitude and game. He plays on a good HS team and there are very few plays drawn up just for him. He plays within the system, making good passes, defending, rebounding, and getting back to stop fast breaks. He also showed some good leadership, making sure they were organized for inbound passes, etc. He was also the first player to run over to a fallen teammate.

He is 6′ 5″ and looks like Legion or Shepperd. He is strong and physically mature. He is a great athlete and plays like Harris, trying to get to the rim and finish there. He converted at least 2 ali-op baskets. He can make his own shot but he shoots from a relatively low position. Excellent free-throw shooter and he draws alot of fouls like Manny.

In the game I watched, they beat Durham Southern, a good team by about 10, something like 72 to 62. He had 26 points, about 8 rebounds, and maybe 3 assists. He is the 2nd tallest guy in their lineup and he mostly played the 3 postion.

Jordan Morgan’s U-D Jesuit  team took a loss to Henry Ford 76-56. Morgan pulled down a game high seven rebounds.

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