2007-2008 Season

Game 15: Indiana at Michigan

The schedule doesn’t let up for Michigan as Indiana steam rolls into Ann Arbor Tuesday night. Indiana is 12-1 and has senior stud DJ White as well as Freshman super star Eric Gordon. The Daily proclaims that it is a square off between “Manny Fresh” and “Air Gordon”. They are both freshman studs certainly, Gordon leads the Big Ten in scoring with 23 points per game and Manny comes in at an impressive 6th with 16.4 ppg. Gordon is a one and done NBA-er and Manny isn’t on that level but this game will not be decided by these two youngsters.

The problem for Michigan is the rest of the rosters. On paper it doesn’t look like Michigan should be able to compete with IU’s depth and talent. However the one positive I see here is that IU doesn’t strike me as a team that has the chemistry and mental toughness of the MSU and UCLAs of the world. A scare at Iowa already this year and a cream puff schedule thus far may mean the 12-1 Hoosiers are ripe for the upset.

UMHoops Prediction: IU 70 – UM 65

Off topic a bit, Jay Bilas is running his mouth and Carty wants us to know which side he is on with this coach.

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