2007-2008 Season

Game 16: Michigan at Northwestern

Post Game: Good win for Michigan (any win at this point is a good one). Manny is really coming into his own and playing within himself. He is going to be a force and every Michigan fan needs to be thankful that he stayed with the Maize&Blue. The last 5 minutes were troubling (letting a huge lead fall apart with the huge run) but that’s a good learning tool for this team. It’s funny because I heard the ESPN crew talking about the same thing happening with the UNC/NC State game. Ekpe also had a monster effort with the double double which is encouraging.

Illinois coming up will be a good test, they have struggled against a lot of teams but a win at Assembly Hall is probably too much to ask from this team. The Michigan State loss (43-36 ew.) just adds to the enjoyable day yesterday.

Pre Game: Do you ever feel like Michigan is a little kid who just when he starts to get up gets knocked back down. Sure feels that way.

Michigan has to beat Northwestern, they lost to Brown. Not so fast. Tomorrow’s game will be ugly and painful most likely. The wing position on the Michigan roster has been depleted through transfers, injuries, and whatever else. UMHoops prediction is to get ready for the Ant-Wright show in Evanston with the lack of depth at the wing he will be counted on the have a big game against Northwestern. I think his three ball could get hot against a NW team that isn’t known for pressure man to man.

Manny should be the best player on the floor tomorrow and will most likely get his but the game will be interesting in what seems to be the battle for the basement. Moore, Thompson and Coble handle most of the scoring duties for Northwestern. Coble has only been back three games off of an injury and had a very good freshman year last year.

UMHoops Prediction: Michigan 60-NW 58

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