2007-2008 Season

Game 17: Iowa at Michigan

Post Game:

  • These games are just becoming painful to watch. Iowa didn’t look like they were a better team per-say but Michigan is just missing that “it” it seems like.
  • Far too many times UM would play great defense for 33 seconds and then give up a dunk in the last 2 seconds of the shot clock.
  • Manny hasn’t seemed himself the last two games and I am sure the foot injury has had a lot to do with that but this team needs him to play well to win. Period. If Manny isn’t scoring this team is not going to beat anyone.
  • Getting out rebounded 25 to 37 is terrible as well, Manny was the leading rebounder on the team again with 6.
  • Gibson played a good offensive game but is just too soft on the glass.
  • Seems like the same story, Michigan plays well for spurts, one player dominates (Freeman 28 points) , get outrebounded, poor shooting, another loss…
  • In terms of visitors besides the football guys – Stuart Douglass, Jordan Morgan, and Brad Guinane were all there.

Pre-Game: Big game tonight, we all know about the visitors and Terrelle Pryor in particular but this is a big game for Michigan’s season. Another very tough stretch is coming up for Michigan and getting a win here would be huge. A couple quick thoughts on the game:

  • Manny’s injury, game time decision. Scary, scary news. Need him to play to win this game I think.
  • Iowa is not an offensive powerhouse but we seem to always let someone run wild, my prediction: Tony Freeman.
  • Last years Iowa collapse still hurts, probably one of the most painful losses of the Tommy Amaker era. Would be nice to get some revenge.
  • Heard rumors that tonights game is close to a sell out… I will have to see it to believe it.
  • UMHoops Prediction with Manny: UM 72-Iowa 66, Without Manny: Iowa 66-UM 60.
  • UPDATE on Manny: UMHoops now believes Manny will play, the question is how effective will he be. The injury is from the Illinois game (in which he struggled) so who knows how effective he will be. Kid is a warrior.
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