2007-2008 Season

Game 20: Michigan @ Ohio State

Post-Game: Another good road effort, another “moral victory”, but another loss. There were flashes where Michigan looked very good, and then at the end the wheels fell off to OSU’s pressure D. It really helped Michigan when OSU sat back in the zone, then they realized that the refs would allow the tight pressure D and that Michigan couldn’t handle it.

Update on Aaron Fuller, please help us Mr Fuller. We need talent and we need talent badly.

Pre-Game: The Manny Harris show rolls into Columbus tonight for a battle against the Buckeyes. Lacy talks here about playing for the future, which is clearly what this season has become. Snyder reports in the Free Press that Manny (and Ronnie) called a players only meeting after the Minnesota loss. Most encouraging in that article was this quote:

Harris said he has been approached by friends and family about leaving Michigan. “There’s no transferring,” he said. “I’m sticking with it.”

For the future going forward, Manny is this team. If anyone is going to lead us out of here it’s Manny Harris (and I think he knows it). Need to get kids like Ebuka to help though (talk continues to grow about Aaron Fuller as well).

In terms of tonight, can’t really expect a win. OSU has more talent spread across the court than Michigan by far. While OSU has struggled some (losing at Iowa) I still expect them to come cover the 14 point spread for tonight.

UMHoops Prediction: OSU 68-Michigan 52

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