2007-2008 Season

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Some more catching up here:

  • Great article on Manny Harris in the Free Press. It’s really becoming hard not to root for this kid in every way. He stuck with us and continues to stick with us and its scary to think where we would be without him. Although the Daily says that Manny needs to heed his own advice (I thought he played a very in control game at OSU when his shot wasn’t falling).
  • For all you Kelvin Grady fans here is an article from the Daily about him regaining his starting spot.
  • Next years (hopefully) projected savior Laval Lucas-Perry got some positive ink in the Daily as well.
  • Also our friends at Spartan Weblog have a good take on the Illinois/IU Game last night. Make a free throw Pruitt! That one was a debacle in a lot of ways but it certainly was entertaining.
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