Scouting Stuart Douglass

jbhueni from the GoBlueWolverine message boards was kind enough to share this scouting report of Stu Douglass. These are his thoughts on Stu and they match up well to what we have heard about Stu as well. I basically took what he had to say and made some grammatical corrections. Thanks a lot jbhueni and if anyone else sees any Michigan targets play and wants to report back shoot me an email at:

  • His HS is ranked #2 in the state of Indiana (16-0). Their PG is going to walk-on at Indiana. Their center is 6-6 (Jordan Brewer) and will be playing WR for Purdue, and one of their starting forwards is 6-5 Morgan Newton – a top QB prospect for UM for 2009 class.
  • For those interested in football as well – Newton is a real talent. He came down and hit two three’s, then they turned around and threw him an alley-oop jam. He’s a solid 6’4 1/2…at least. And he looked like he was 215 of solid muscle. Not a “fast” guy but I can see him getting a lot of movement out of the pocket.
  • Douglass is 6’3. He shows no emotion on the court. He looks very focused and is determined to do his job. He’s averaging around 15 ppg – some knock him for his lack of scoring – but two things:
    1. He’s on a great TEAM. His coach stresses team ball and that’s why they’re the top team in the state. Also – he was the 6th man last year…that’s cause Jake Kelly was playing at the SG position (*UMHoops: and Stu was coming off of a foot injury*). Jake Kelly is currently a freshman scoring 5.8ppg (25mpg and 40% three pointers) at Iowa and he only averaged 12 ppg his senior year.
    2. Stu gets guarded TIGHT.
  • Stu’s not afraid to shoot the ball. He has a fast release and his shot looks GREAT. He also isnt just a “set shooter” but can move and shoot rather quickly and with a guy in his face (a 6’2 guy). The team knew of his shooting ability and located him everywhere he went, they shaded him pretty strongly. He couldnt catch the ball within 7 ft of the 3 pt line without a guy in his face hard.
  • At one point, Stu hit back to back to back 3 pt shots. All three he was moving off screens or relocating, one was seriously right in front of me and I watched his feet. He was 8+ ft behind the 3pt line…SWISH. All 3 were PICTURE PERFECT, nice form, nothing but bottom of the net. Wow…one of those moments that just looked so beautiful.
  • Other Aspects – Stu is not going to be a PG. He’s got average handles and isnt real “quick”. He will put the ball on the floor occassionally, but that’s not his game. He does seem to know the game. And has a VERY good coach – coach played college near me – I got his autograph when I was in the 2nd grade.
  • Stu’s Defense: HS Coach stresses defense. Stu’s team runs a number of different looks – including a lot of traps. I think Stu will do fine in the 1-3-1. He’s long enough to play in that defense. Most of the game he was guarding the opponents PG and pressed 3/4 court. For a while the opponent had a 6’3 guy hit a hot streak until they put Stu on him man-to-man and he shut him down pretty well. Seems to be a very smart, determined player.
  • What to Expect: Stu is not coming to be a star, and I doubt he’ll ever be a starter. But he’s going to add a nice aspect to the team. He’s going to extend the defense, and is going to be a good “shooter” for this UM team. I think he can come in and play SOME minutes (*UMHoops: He’s going to have to with the roster situation*) next year in relief and maybe score 5 ppg as a freshman. I think he’ll do real well in JB’s offense.
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