Fuller Gets an Offer? Tickets and More

  • Aaron FullerAaron Fuller has “received a Big Ten offer” according to Hoopmasters ($$ link). A Michigan offer seems probable here based on the teams that have been mentioned to be recruiting him. (Update: Purdue may be recruiting him as well)
  • Also hearing that Zack Novak was paid a visit by the man in charge at practice.
  • There are less than 1000 tickets available for the Ohio State game Sunday. The main question is how many of them are Buckeye fans.
  • Be sure to watch the YouTube video I posted last night. The kid from PA I was referring to is #10 (white) Quincy Roberts. There are a lot of non-basketball related things here and I don’t know if it could ever work out but it’s been mentioned so I’m passing it along.
  • Very good Beilein article linked from the Buffalo News, a pretty scary quote about Cronin and the Fab Five.
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