Ebuka Anyaorah: What We've Heard & More

  • Ebuka’s team lost last night and has been eliminated from the Georgia state tournament. Ebuka scored 31 points in a 75-51 loss. A couple things that were passed along to me about Ebuka that I thought I should mention. First it seems like his stats are somewhat padded in the sense that he plays all 32 minutes whether the team is winning big or not. Second, it sounds like the instate schools, Georgia Tech and Georgia are really paying attention to this one. So it seems like this one might be a long shot for Michigan and we might need a little Carlos Brown style magic.
  • Update on Plumlee from Scout: “Everything has changed” ($$)…. Looks like we might be able to kiss this one goodbye.
  • Stuart Douglass and Carmel fell to Warren Central. Douglass was key in getting the game to overtime: “The Warriors led 63-59 near the end of regulation, but Michigan-bound Stuart Douglass hit a 3-pointer with 15:2 seconds left. Warren turned the ball over trying to get it inbounds, and Moore threw a perfect alley-oop to Morgan Newton to put Carmel up 64-63 with 10 seconds to play.” but Warren Central proved to be too much in OT.
  • Michigan Daily on Ant Wright becoming a reliable sixth man.
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