2007-2008 Season

Game 22: Michigan at Iowa

Post-Game: Big win, thats two in a row, and one on the road. Anytime you can come back and win a game after being down big and scoring 16 points in the first half it’s an impressive effort. I love to see the heart this team shows on the road, they don’t quit. This is one way playing all those big time games in the non-conference may help this team in the long run.

Michigan won this game because of defense, Iowa shot 36.5%, and rebounding, 30-29 rebound total in Michgan’s favor. There was a span in the 2nd half where Iowa had over an 8 minute drought I think. Couple that with Michigan getting timely shots from everyone they needed (Ronnie, Grady, Manny, Ant, etc.) and you have a road win. Iowa is not a push over at home either with wins over Ohio State and MSU. Grady’s numbers were impressive (35minutes, 7 points, 9 assists and 0 TO) it’s funny what happens when people hit their wide open kick out threes. No where to go but up so hopefully the team can keep building momentum.


“They didn’t believe it, but this team is growing,” said U-M forward DeShawn Sims, whose seven points late in the first half kept the flicker alive entering the break.

Pre-Game: About a month ago I predicted a 6 point win at home for Michigan against the Hawkeyes. After the game I wrote about poor rebounding and defense which seemed like a common refrain at the time. The game was only an 8 point loss but Iowa dominated Michigan throughout the second half until the last 2 minutes when Michigan went on a three point barrage to cut it miraculously to 3 points. Fast forward a month later with notable close games at Ohio State and Wisconsin, a home whipping from Minnesota, and finally a home win against Penn State.

One thing Michigan has improved since the Iowa game is rebounding. The rebounding margins in the games since Iowa are: 32-20, 31-33, 28-31, 23-30,26-26 for a total of 140-139. Improvement on the glass is certainly an encouraging sign. Another encouraging sign is that against Penn State the team faced adversity in the form of a 2nd half opening drought and they stayed in the game and clawed back for the win.

Since the Michigan game Iowa has gone 2-4, with wins over Ohio State and Penn State at home and “good” losses @IU, @Purdue,Wisconsin, and @Minnesota.

The biggest test tonight will be for DeShawn Sims, last time against Iowa he scored 18 points but allowed his man Cyrus Tate to put up 21 points and 11 boards (averages 6 pts and 5 rebounds). I expect Michigan to stick with the man to man for the rest of the season as we just don’t have the personnel and the ability to run the 1-3-1 successfully at this point.

It will be an interesting game, and a nationally televised one (interesting choice) and Michigan has played well on the road (even while not pulling out victories). UMHoops Prediction: Iowa 72-Michigan 69

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