Stuart Douglass Videos

A couple quick Stuart Douglass videos here. Stu is #15 on Carmel (white/blue) and you can see him hitting a couple (deep) threes and dishing out a nice assist. Stu is going to play next year and I am almost positive of that. He brings something that this team lacks, consistent three point shooting. I also don’t think of him as a Reed-Baker-Deluxe type of player either. He is a legit 6-3+ and knows how to play the game. Since Beilein’s camp this summer I had heard good things about Stu and was not suprised at all when we offered him. Yes he may be a three star, and yes he may only average 14ppg, but the kid will come in and hit the ground running. I am not really worried about whether his star ranking goes up but I do hope he has success and can win the Indiana state title. I think it shows something about a kid when his team is winning games. Look at Manny last year when he guided his Redford Huskies all the way to the state finals. Also one note on the team, Lacy has the latest on yesterday’s hero Dave Merritt here, it didn’t sound good yesterday but we will see.

[youtube 81IPZvaRlzg Carmel vs Lawrence North]

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