Scouting Zack Novak & Darius Morris Dunk Video

Zack Novak and Chesterton rolled to an easy win tonight over Boone Grove. Brad from Indiana was nice enough to send in this report of the game. This sounds about on-par with what we have heard about Zack. He certainly appears to be able to fill it up and be a good kid. At this point I would say he seems like a solid, safe, plan B recruit. Also, here is an update on Novak from as well.

He only had 19 points, but he only played 3 quarters. His team won by 40 so they took him out. It was a very quiet 19 points. He moves very well without the ball and also can create his own shot. But the thing that stood out the most was his passing ability, he is a very unselfish player for the high school level. I saw all those kids last year play that went to Purdue in this area and I would put him right up there with them. Talked to some people in the crowd, he is a very good student, He also is a very good baseball player, and I get the impression that he would like to play baseball in college also. So it sounds like UM has everything this kid is looking for.

Also a bonus night cap special a nasty Darius Morris dunk.

[youtube aUw2KbT8VeE Darius Morris Nasty Dunk]
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