Quick Hitters

  • Fast start powers Wolverines
    Womens hoops team lives to see another day with win over VCU.
  • Michigan Wolverines: Pure Back Page News
    Ouch, a good laugh from a “columnist”. Bleacher Report is a good idea, anyone can write a column or article. But some of the stuff on there (the Pryor article comes to mind) is very slanted and biased to say the least.
  • Spartans want to run with Memphis
    I think MSU could knock off Memphis but now that it’s the trendy upset pick I am hesitant.
  • The NCAA Midwest regional is being held at Ford Field Friday/Sunday and I am attending. It will be quite an experience to watch a basketball game with the 70k expected fans. The games are Davidson/Wisconsin and Kansas/Villanova, Stephen Curry alone is worth the price of admission. If you don’t have tickets get them here.
  • On a related note Eric Lacy wants to know where all the hoops passion is in Metro Detroit.
  • I am working on getting together some great post-season wrap up type stuff and it should be up soon. I have been working on this stuff so updates have been a little scarce.
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