Stephen Curry is Worth the Price of Admission

I had the pleasure of attending the regional action at Ford Field this weekend and thanks to Stephen Curry it was worth it. The kid simply put on a show this entire tournament and rightfully was named the region MVP.

I was not that impressed with the setup at Ford Field and was somewhat disappointed. I had sub-par seats in the endzone and they were FAR away as expected. However I had the chance to sit in the risers behind the basket for the Kansas/Villanova game and those seats were far worse even though they were in the 10th row. It will be interesting to see how the set up works for the Final Four next year but frankly I just don’t think basketball is meant to be played in a dome. It allows the NCAA to sell more tickets but it just doesn’t have the atmosphere that we all love in college basketball.

I have to admire the Davidson program though, a school of 1,700 students was the best crowd at Ford Field by far. Of course they had the neutral fans on their side but they were passionate and dwarfed the Kansas fans in terms of noise and numbers.

One argument that I don’t want to see is that because Davidson created an exceptional team with a spectacular under the radar player we should expect the same from Michigan’s “under the radar” players. There are hundreds of under the radar players and only one Stephen Curry. One note, Novak had around 18 and Stu had 8 points in the Indiana North/South game, more on that tomorrow.

Thanks to Curry and Davidson for giving us an underdog to believe in this tournament that has given us the first final four of #1 seeds. This Final Four will be special with some great games though, I don’t think there are many holes in these four teams and they are all at the top of their game.

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