Recruiting Notes: Novak, Douglass and Cohen

Novak and Douglass look to have had solid games yesterday in the Indiana North/South game. I was not able to watch but Douglass was 3-9 (2-6) in the game for 8 points and Novak was 5-9 (3-6) for 13 points (Box score). Contrary reports also say Novak had closer to 17 or 18 points and this box score is a little off.

I was not able to watch (or listen to) the game but the best report I have seen was on the Rivals free board from poster blue_in_chicago who attended the game.

On Douglass:

First, Douglass. In the first half, he actually looked kind of bored out there. Had better energy in second half and played quite of bit of the lead guard in the second half. He clearly has EXCELLENT vision and can pass real well, particularly off the pick-and-roll. He actually made a couple of passes that surprised his teammates and they went the wrong way or dropped them. I would say Douglass is a definite 1/2 type of guard.

On Novak:

Much bigger and has big, strong shoulders. More of a 2/3 type of guy and much more physically ready to play in the Big Ten. It would not shock me if he was a starter next year if things go well with LLP and Manny moves to the 3 like the coaches plan to. He is great shooter and had some nice drives down the lane for a lay-up. Like Douglass, he capable of shooting it as soon as the ball crosses mid-court and that is just going to be big help to Manny, Grady and LLP. I think he will be an effective scorer all over the court and is capable of finishing inside b/c of his strength. BTW, I think both Novak and Douglass are about the same height (6-4″?) so they will fit in with Beilein’s desire for bigger guards.

There is a lot more there so check out the whole post, it seems pretty clear that at least one of Novak and Douglass will play a good amount of minutes this year because of how deficient this team is at shooting the three.

I also received a scouting report (thanks to Nick) from a coach in Jake Cohen’s high school conference on his game. Cohen looks like a plan B/backup type kid right now but certainly one to watch.

Cohen would not wow you right now some people are having a hard time thinking he is D1 vs the Lions he went for 11pts and 7 board but you need to get passed that and think what will this kid look like as a 20 year old man and that is why Jake has a chance. He is very skilled  but I will say not as skilled as the kid Dan Geriot from Springfield who is at Richmond right now. So I am not sold on him, if I was at St. Joes he would be on my list as a back up.

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