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Eric Lacy from the Detroit News is reporting that Ekpe is still in school. That’s nothing ground breaking, even if he was transferring he would probably finish up his exams the next couple weeks.

“Right now, he’s in school,” Alice Udoh, the player’s mother, told The Detroit News on Wednesday. “He’s still there.”

Alice Udoh spoke with her son Tuesday, but wouldn’t disclose details of their conversation.

However the quote doesn’t do much to put an end to the rumors out there. The situation hasn’t been resolved yet I would imagine but it’s clearly a pretty real issue right now. Hopefully Beilein can straighten the situation out because I still think this would be a huge blow. This might be some of the rationale for the transfer:

“I know Ekpe has lofty goals; he wants to play in the (NBA),” Hardaker said. “He always tries to figure out what’s best for him and will listen to advice, but not from everyone.”

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