Game Day Atmosphere

No one can deny that the game day atmosphere at Crisler is awful. Weak crowds, few students, poor promotion, bad song choice by the bands, cheesey PA announcer. There are plenty of valid criticisms of the game day atmosphere. Luckily Beilein and his staff are doing things to try to improve the game day atmosphere. Here is a basic list of what is being done:

  • A new sounds system is being installed in Crisler this off-season.
  • Free Student Tickets have been proposed and are a possibility for next year.
  • Re-arranging the band and student sections has also been proposed. A side note, I hear there are some sticking points here such as Crisler infrastructure such as heating and cooling may be a higher priority.
  • Beilein wants students input! He has organized a meeting 6pm on April 16th at Crisler to meet with students. There will be a brainstorm session with Beilein for ideas followed by training table with the team after their workout.
  • If you can make it, please attend the meeting. Anyone that is planning on attending the meeting send Steve Wolters an email (wolters@umich.edu). A bigger turn out will be encouraging for the basketball staff and make things like free tickets and other improvements more likely. If students won’t show up for free food why would people think they would show up for free basketball tickets.
  • Anyone that has suggestions for game day changes leave them in the comments and I can pass them a long to people who will listen.
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