Novak Shines in Top 60 Workout

Zack Novak put on a show at the Top 60 Workout this weekend and is showing people that he is the real deal. The game featured the Top 60 players in Indiana and Zack definetely proved that he belonged. The NWI Times has a whole article about Zack in the game and Zack’s hard work to improve. It’s certainly an encouraging article and hopefully Zack keeps working hard this summer once he gets to Ann Arbor.

“We’re looking for guys who are motivated, energy guys. I like what I saw in Novak. He is an energy guy.”

Novak was very clear about his goal, which was to show enough to make the Indiana All-Star team. On my clipboard, he was a Top 5 player out of the Top 60. He had a dunk over Crown Point’s Stephen Albrecht that almost tore the roof of the place. Two handed. Rim bending. Crowd pleasing.

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