2008-2009 Season

Big Ten/ACC Challenge Schedule Announced

Michigan will play at Maryland on December 3rd in the Big Ten/ACC challenge this year. Definitely a tough draw for Michigan but should be a fun game I would say. Some other matchups of note: MSU plays UNC at Ford Field, Duke at Purdue, and Wisconsin at Virginia Tech. Click here for full list of games, by my calculations is looks like another loss for the Big Ten in the Challenge. This is going to be a tough stretch for Michigan because from what I hear (unconfirmed) we are playing Duke at home the Saturday after (December 6th). These pre-conference games are presumably without Laval Lucas-Perry who pending appeal will not be eligible to play until late December.

The confirmed games so far this year that I can think of: Maryland, Duke, UCLA, Oakland, Harvard and one of the pre-season tournaments. I would presume most of the other non-conference slots would be filled with cupcakes.

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