AAU/Recruiting Saturday Open Thread

I’m going to post some AAU notes throughout the day hopefully. I think I am going to miss most of Jordan’s game but hopefully those that watch can post comments in this post. Not really sure how best to cover these AAU tournaments so I will kind of see how it goes this weekend. Here are a few notes from last night:

  • King James got smoked in tonights game against Raymond Cowel’s team, but it seems like it was a good tournament for King James overall. I’ll have more Monday hopefully.
  • Andy Brown is #11(white) on Channel 2,for the SCA Select team. Beilein was on the baseline watching the game and also was at Jordan’s earlier games.
  • King James knocked off the So-Cal All Stars Elite team that features the Wear twins (UNC) and will move on to play again tonight. The game will be on Court/Stream 2 at 10:15 EDT. Jordan Morgan stream here.
  • Morgan had around fifteen in the first game today.
  • Some thoughts on Jordan from his Saturday morning game:
    • He is a big kid, needs to work on his conditioning but he already is huge and looks like he can keep growing into his frame.
    • AAU ball is not a good place for him to show case his skills, the game was mostly jacking up threes.
    • I think he needs to work a little harder on the glass and boxing out. Free throws were not good (something like 1-10) but his stroke didn’t look bad so maybe it was just a bad day.
    • The few times I saw him get the ball in the post he usually at least got to the line.
    • He also had a lot of nice put backs and follow ups as well as a couple nice dunks
  • Andy Brown scored 22 points on 9-15 shooting (3-6 3pt), 2 steals in a win for his SoCal All Stars Select team Friday night. Brown’s team will play at 11:30 AM MST tomorrow against the Bay Area Warriors.
  • Glen Rice Jr, Marcus Jordan and Nik Garcia at Kingwood.
  • Some video of Steven Pledger shooting the three ball on the right hand side of ScoutHoops.com.
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