Bye Bye Ekpe?

Lacy has the latest on Ekpe, nothing is official but Lacy caught up with Udoh’s AAU coach and it doesn’t sound good:

Udoh’s former AAU coach in Texas, and he might have given me a clue. When reached on his cell phone and asked to comment about the situation, Malone said, “I don’t care to comment until Monday.” What that means is anyone’s guess. I have somewhat of an idea, but as we know, in the strange world of collegiate athletics, it’s hard to speculate until something is official or at least on the record.

Lacy updated his blog and just sent me an email to tell me that Ekpe is in Ann Arbor according to his high school coach. I would think that this could mean one of two things: Ekpe is staying with the team or Ekpe is going to get his transfer papers signed and cleared away and make everything official. At this point I’d still guess the later. Although Ekpes coach explains it like this:

“He told me he’s in Michigan, but he didn’t want to tell me anything,” Hardaker said. “I asked him if he’s there looking to get a release (for a transfer) and he just said, ‘I’m just here chillin,’ just hanging out.”

One thing to note, Miles Plumlee might asked for his release ($) from Stanford and is back on the open market. He would probably play a lot immediately if Michigan were to land him. Beilein is familiar with the Plumlees from recruiting Miles’ little brother Mason.

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