Quincy Roberts to St. Johns, Kecman to OSU

Johnny Jungle has announced that Quincy Roberts will hold a presser Tuesday (hat tip: East Coast Bias) to announce his intentions to attend St. Johns. It had appeared that the chances of Quincy ending up at Michigan were slim to none lately but this is news none the less. Congratulations to Quincy and I for one will be wishing him the best.

Nikola Kecman also signed his LOI with Ohio State, so you can cross him off the board as well. The only 08 target left on the board is Justin Watts and there is not much news coming out of that camp. He has been speculated to be waiting to see if UNC’s underclassmen enter the draft in hopes of a UNC offer. If Ekpe does transfer though the main need is a big man and not a guard/wing.

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