Jordan Morgan Blog #3: Headed to Spiece

The past couple weeks have been pretty good.  Denver was fun, although we didn’t make it that far.  As a team, we really struggled with the altitude factor.  We didn’t realize until our first game when we all seemed winded almost immediately.  We played some good teams, beating the Las Vegas Prospects and Southern Cal Allstars Elite, but in the end were knocked out by a good team called Net Gain.  I played well and I really felt that I improved on my explosiveness getting some easy dunks off of screen and rolls.  At times it was hard to run the floor because the thin air made it hard for our bodies to recover.  King James was not as eventful this past weekend.  We only played three games getting put out in the early rounds of the bracket again.  We were in an open pool, though, so a lot of the players we competed with were graduating seniors.  I hurt my thumb, nothing serious, but it caused some problems for me offensively when it came to holding the ball.  I bruised the joint at the base of my thumb on my shooting hand, but i still competed well.  I ran the floor well, something that I feel I have improved a lot, and played good defense and went hard to the boards.

Right now I’m on my way to Spiece in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  There are supposed to be a lot of Michigan teams there.  We actually play the Hurricanes on Saturday morning.  Once again we’re missing some players.  Four of our players are going to prom, so we’ll be playing with seven this weekend.  Chris Balas is supposed to come record my games on Saturday so it should be up on “The Wolverine” sometime this upcoming week.

I want to thank all the Michigan fans for their support and encouragement so far and for tuning in to watch me play on the internet. I’d also like to say congratulations to Donnavan Kirk (Miami) and Derrick Nix (MSU) on their commitments.

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