Laval Lucas-Perry Wins Back Eligibility

Big news from Eric Lacy, Laval Lucas-Perry (transfer from Arizona) will receive eligibility back next year. He will still sit until December but will get his lost time back for a mid season transfer. This is big and essentially makes Lucas-Perry an 08 recruit who just can’t play the first half of next season. Props to Lacy for the heads up and being all over this and the Ekpe situation. Here are quotes from Laval’s father:

“I don’t know what they did or considered,” said Laval Perry of the NCAA’s decision. “All I know is that the result was in our favor. “We’re very happy about it, (Michigan’s) compliance office really helped.” Lucas-Perry, a 6-foot, 3-inch guard from Grand Blanc, Mich., left Arizona last December after completion of his first semester and won’t be able to play for Michigan until about mid-December. “We’re thinking his first game might be when Michigan plays Oakland at The Palace (of Auburn Hills),” Laval Perry said.

Updated Scholarship Breakdown. Here is some high school footage of Laval made when he committed to Arizona. I will go out on a limb and say that LLP will be our starting point guard December 20th:

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