Star Gazing

Rivals updated their 2009 Top 150 for all of you ranking-obsessed recruitniks out there. Here are some of the more relevant an interesting moves from a Michigan point of view.

  • Darius Morris – #64 – UP – Encouraging to say the least, the kid is a very solid player and appears to be option 1a for a 2009 PG. Just need to get him on campus and try to seal the deal.
  • DaShonte Riley – #111 – DOWN – Riley has been less than stellar for a while now and has gone from a top 25 5-star to a 3-star out of the top 100. Riley’s poor play hadn’t really been a secret so this is not really a big suprise.
  • Carl Jones – #117 – UP – Carl enters to the top 150 and continues to be a PG on Michigan’s board. He is just so very small.
  • Steven Pledger – #92 – UP – Pledger moves up after a very strong start to his AAU season. Haven’t heard much in regards to Pledger and Michigan lately.
  • Nick Russell – #88 – Another guard target to watch who is in the top 100.
  • No Andy Brown, MSU commit Nix is at 108, in-state bigs Still and Kirk hold onto top 150 status, Nik Garcia at #103

Rankings are clearly an inaccurate science and they change dramatically over the course of the summer so don’t be surprised if they look entirely different come August and September. But hey they give us something to talk about at least on the internet. Personally it’s always good to see kids you are recruiting have their stock go up but I am not particularly worried that Andy Brown is still unranked just like I don’t change my opinion of Morris because he jumped up a few spots.

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