Benzing To Michigan

It seemed like everyone was just waiting for this to become official, Robin Benzing has signed with Michigan. I have written lots about him the last week or so, make sure you check out this big post if you missed it. I think Benzing is going to play the four at Michigan and is the perfect skilled type of four man that Beilein loves. Benzing will enroll at Michigan this year but most likely sit out a year and then have 3 years to play because of eligibility rules with the NCAA. Here is what Beilein had to say on Benzing:

“With a lot of hard work, we feel Robin will be a valuable asset to the program,” said Beilein. “He is long, versatile, and at 6-10 has a high skill level. The recruitment of foreign players is a bit more complicated now than in the past. The NCAA’s current academic and amateur certification process may affect Robin’s initial eligibility to play at Michigan. We will follow the situation closely and hopefully know more as soon as possible.”

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