Novak Does the Little Things in Indiana Win

Michigan recruit Zack Novak only scored 1 point in Friday nights Indiana/Kentucky battle but Indiana came away victorious. Tyler Zeller earned the MVP with 22 points and 7 rebounds but Zack provided the little things.

While Zack was known as a scorer in high school averaging around 28 points per game he got the little things done Friday night. Coach Boyd states that:

“Zack is a basketball player,” said West Side coach John Boyd, an assistant for Indiana. “And a basketball player first does whatever it takes to win the game. We all saw him score back home in the Region, and he can score for this team.

Novak on his defense:

“I’ve learned that I’m a lot better defensive player than I was in high school,” Novak said. “I was able to stay in front of him.”

This is almost a more encouraging report than Zack spotting up and nailing threes because it shows that he is ready to expand his game and we already know he can shoot the three and hopefully he can take it to the next level when he gets to Ann Arbor this summer. We will hopefully have a Novak interview coming soon.

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