More on Michigan Targets at NBPA Camp

Just a few Michigan mentions in today’s coverage of the NBPA camp. First a scouting report on Darius Morris from ESPN:

Morris has good quickness and a decent handle, which makes him a very good penetrator. He has good vision and adeptly drives to the rim and dishes to an open teammate in the paint or on the perimeter for shot. Morris really excels on the defensive end, keeping opposing point guards from getting into a comfort zone due to his willingness to pressure the ball at 94 feet. He also plays passing lanes very well for steals.

Second, another post on The Wolverine, this one from Jacey Zembal of who got a chance to see all of the Michigan targets and talk to a few of them. Here is what he had to say:

I talked to Darius Morris, C.J. Harris, Nate Lubick and Jordan Morgan tonight. Maybe Roger Franklin tomorrow. Morris, Harris and Lubick are all visiting in the next 10 days it sounds like, with Lubick going to the Michigan elite camp for the second straight year. The Wolverine will have stories coming up. Morgan is beat up physically with hip, elbow and knee injuries, from taking some charges of all things. He played pretty solid tonight, going hard to the rim. I’ll have more before midnight (eastern time), but need to get settled in to the hotel. All four kids I talked to, sharp kids by the way, and all impressed with the Michigan coaching staff.

Later on he added even more, including the fact that Jordan has been selling all of the U-M targets on the Maize and blue.

Morgan finished his game going 2 for 5 from the field, and 2 of 3 at the free-throw line, with both made free throws counting for four points, so he finished with eight points for the game.

He was aggressive going to the basket, forcing the defense to either foul him, or make a great block to prevent a basket. He tried one jumper, but it missed.

Morris went 3 for 4 for six points, scoring on all layups, and missing his one jumper. I’ve seen Morris play five times, and whatever college lands him will be happy.

Texan Roger Franklin had a monster game, and he might have a Michigan offer (UMHoops: We are pretty sure he does), but Chris Balas would know that for sure. He’s starting to rise up the rankings because his outside shooting has improved a bunch this spring. He’s just a winner, you can tell. Great defender, oozes leadership skills on the court and he’s becoming a more polished offensive threat. At one point during the game, he yelled, “Get me the ball, I’m in the zone.” Everyone just laughed, but it was true.

Rivals’ updated stats of the camp have CJ Harris #2 overall in assists per game and Darius at #6. In terms of the visits, it seems like this will be a busy time coming up the next few weeks with team camp, elite camp, and unofficial visits. Hopefully Beilein can seal the deal on Darius because that would really allow Beilein to take the next step which includes focusing a lot more on 2010 and 2011. I would expect a lot of the in-state big names (especially young kids) to be in attendence for either the Elite or Team camps.

Here are a couple of scouting reports on Lubick who has been on the U-M radar for a long time.  From ESPN:

Lubick has very lively legs, quickly getting off the floor when rebounding on both ends of the court. His quick leaping ability makes him a very good offensive rebounder. Lubick also runs the floor well and finished above the rim in transition constantly.

And from Rivals:

This hardworking big man ran the floor well, finished with either hand around the rim and knocked down a long range jumper…. The 2010 big man continues to impress with his energized play, skilled game and surprising bounce off the floor.

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