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I didn’t make it to camp, and don’t think I am going to today either but here are a couple links. It seems like Nate Lubick was definitely one of the top players there and played very well. Stu also played well a year after he basically earned his spot at U-M at team camp. Mike Talley played well while guys like Herbeck and Simmons definitely struggled a bit. Read Wolverine3’s entire report here, but here are his notes on a just a few players:

Nate Lubick- Has great control of his body. Always knows where he is on the court and especially the post. Great footwork when he recieves the ball and knows what to do with it. Wide frame, but he kind of hunches over. Didnt even notice him until I saw the face. Thin down low, yet semi-explosive. Tons of talent…great outside shot…at the start they were just shooting around…kid hit 7-8 threes in a row. Played hurt a bit the second session.

Stu Douglass- SIIIIICK shot. Better handles then I thought. He looks (on this day) more ready, physically then Novak in my opinion. He will be a great asset THIS year. Already knows how to use EVERY screen he gets to his advantage. Almost like Rip when using the screens, but sometimes his teammates got in the way of the play not understanding, so he didn’t have every opportunity he could have…but he will this season. GREAT vision. Made tons of accurate passes on the run. At one point Talley Jr took him off the dribble 2-3 times in a row. Stu then went on to hit 6-8 threes. He gets very good elevation of his shot. Must improve footwork on D.

Jordan Morgan- Kind of the opposite of Lubick. Doesn’t have great hands. Decent footwork, but good at times. Has a hard time getting his shot off under the rim, but has an array of post up moves from the block. Impressive off the dribble from the 3point line a couple times. Very good passing skills. Knows where the open man is…he and Lubick seemed to have liked playing with each other. Set each other up multiple times. They coached Jordan up as much as they could, stopping every drill to show him the “right” way to do things…sometimes he got it, sometimes he didn’t. Has lots of potential though. Had a couple of MONSTER ducks that almost tipped the hoops over.

Rivals and Scout were there as well and here are a few of their articles:

One other note, I got an email from the guys over at InsidePrepSports to add Sultan Muhammed (Grand Rapids CC) to the list of ’10 recruits so he might be someone to keep an eye out for.

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