Vegas: Franklin, Brown, Cohen and Others

Some conflicting information on wing forward Roger Franklin. This article lists Michigan in his top 6 while this one doesn’t. By all accounts Franklin has consistently scored the ball very well, including 33 in one game. Here is what ESPN had to say on Roger’s play this week:

Franklin is a blue-collar 3-man who can score in a variety of ways. He is at his best when slashing to the basket and utilizing his upper-body strength. He also has a solid turnaround jump shot he gets nice lift on. His frame appears to be maxed out, but he is the quintessential glue-type for the next level.

Rivals also mentions that Franklin’s teammate, point guard Vertrail Vaughn who lists Michigan as well:

He scored 18 points while also distributing the ball off his slashing drives. With an offer from Colorado, Vaughn also listed George Mason, Virginia, Michigan, San Diego, Colorado State, Oklahoma and Iowa. Vaughn considers George Mason and Virginia his top schools.

Team Texas (Franklin and Vaughn) is playing in the Main Event (same as Jordan Morgan and King James) so keep an eye here for scores and streaming video.

Andy Brown has cut his list down to 5 schools and there is no Michigan on the list so you can cross him out:

Arizona (offer), San Diego (offer), Utah (offer), Stanford and Cal will be the schools under final consideration. He said he will unofficially visit Arizona, Stanford and perhaps Cal next month. Brown said he has already been to San Diego and Utah.

ESPN on big man Jake Cohen:

Cohen has decent footwork and post moves when he gets the ball on the block. He will have to improve his strength and add muscle to his frame in order to better hold his position on the block for scoring and rebounding. Added strength will help him develop into a better finisher in the paint. He really excels as a face-up, pick-and-pop player, and he has range on his jumper that extends out to 3-point land. While he isn’t an explosive athlete, Cohen plays hard and will run the floor hard.

Here is someone who hasn’t got much play nationally or even from the instate high majors, Doug Anderson from Kalamazoo Central. Anderson played with Corey Person and is a big athletic forward. Here is what ESPN had to say:

Anderson has a very good build and strength, which he uses to impact the game. He has incredible leaping ability and finishes above the rim on a consistent basis. His hops and strength allow Anderson to play more as a power forward, but he can hit the jumper in the 15-foot range, though he has a tendency to jump too high on the shot and release it on the way down. He will have to add range and consistency to his jumper and improve his handle to play on the perimeter in college.

Note on Anderson: I don’t know that Michigan is recruiting him or not, just was suprised to see a local kid on ESPN that hasn’t got much play.

As expected Glen Rice Jr. committed to Georgia Tech today.

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