Recruiting Notes: Push for 09?

Note: I finally got internet setup and working at my new apartment so updates should be a little more frequent again.

First, an update on 2009 Illinois shooting guard Matt Vogrich. Illinois Prep Bullseye is reporting that UCLA offered shooting guard Matt Vogrich a scholarship.

Ordinarily we don’t make a big deal over a particular school extending a scholarship offer or receiving an official visit from a prospective recruit, but in the case of 6’4 shooting guard Matt Vogrich from Lake Forest High School in Lake Forest, IL we are making an exception. We cannot possibly overemphasize how significant we feel it is that UCLA has offered Vogrich a scholarship and even more importantly that they will receive Vogrich’s final official campus visit at the end of September.

Vogrich is really starting to blow up and this one looks like it will be a long battle. UCLA having the last visit certainly isn’t encouraging but Vogrich is a midwest kid so hopefully he stays close to home.

All things considered I’m starting to feel like Beilein will really try to use both of the two remaining scholarships in 2009 rather than bank one or two for 2010. While Beilein was at West Virginia from 2002-2007 he didn’t appear to be scared to use alot of scholarships year in and year out. Here are the number of commitments per year while Beilein was at West Virgina:

  • 2002: 4
  • 2003: 6
  • 2004: 3
  • 2005: 2
  • 2006: 7
  • 2007: 1
  • Avg of 3.8 recruits/year.

Here are the class numbers for the current kids that are here (by graduation year/after redshirts):

  • 2006: 2 (Gibson, Sims) [Amaker Class]
  • 2007: 3 (Wright, Harris, Grady) [Amaker/Beilein Class]
  • 2008: 4 (LLP, Douglass, Cronin, Novak)
  • 2009: 2 (Morris, Morgan)
  • Avg of 2.75 recruits/class.

2008 and 2009 were the first classes Beilein really recruited at Michigan, in his first two years at West Virginia he used 10 scholarships, compared to the 6 that he has used here at Michigan. Of course part of this has to do with class balance and what he inherited at West Virginia compared to in Ann Arbor. But when you see Beilein taking 6 or 7 guys in a class it doesn’t appear he is one to save scholarships for the future. I think it’s clear that Beilein is a firm believer that a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

Here’s what Beilein had to say about a year ago when asked about adding another recruit to the 2008 class (when it consisted of only Ben Cronin):

We would like to take an 08. And if we find two kids we like in 08, we’ll take them. We’re going to plan on seeing who we recruit first. If we don’t get what we think is the right fit, then we’ll move onto 09.

In the end he added two more players to the 2008 class and also signed Robin Benzing before that situation fizzled. And about a year ago I believe people were still wanting to bank scholarships for the 2009 in-state class that was “loaded” (nearly everyone in-state in the 09 class saw their rankings plummet this summer). The bottom line is that things like transfers, non qualifiers, decommitments and whatever else can happen.

The two targets in 2009 appear to becoming focal points are Vogrich and Crump. Their recruitments should become a little more clear after visits start picking up. Both have moved into the Rivals top 150 this summer and seem to be “Beilein fits”.

A couple other links on 2009 names, Kelly Olynyk is playing well in Canadian Nationals, Ethan Wragge ($) , and a new 2009 top 100 from Scout (no Morris, Vogrich at 100).

The issue is that there is a lot of positive movement in regards to the 2010 class. We have talked about 2010 power forward Nate Lubick a lot here and his relationship with the program and Darius Morris. Just today Lou Dawkins from Best of the Best Scouting reported that Michigan is looking “really good” for both Nate Lubick and 2010 combo guard Trey Ziegler.

There are 4 remaining scholarships for the next two years combined, how would you use them? Personally I take a combo forward and the best remaining player on the board in 2009. That way Beilein still has two to work with for 2010 and as we learned this year you never know what else can happen to make more scholarships available. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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