2008-2009 Season

What To Do About Student Tickets

There has been a lot of conflicting information floating around about student tickets this year. The last report we saw was that there would be $99 bleacher seats and free seats behind the band. This announcement raised the question: Who will buy $99 tickets when they can go for free?

The latest report from inside the Maize Rage is that the bleacher seats will be $99 and there will be no free option for tickets. However there will be free single-game tickets for three non-conference game (this has been done the last couple years).

Even freshman will not be able to attend games for free. This comes as a bit of a surprise after Beilein reportedly announced the new plan at Maize Craze the first week of school.

The band will be moved behind the basket where the visitors shoot in the second half. The section behind them will be “overflow” for the bleacher section. The AD is confident they will sell all of the bleacher tickets (around 500) at the newly reduced price. They may sell all the tickets but I am not sure there will be need for much overflow. Tickets will be on sale from 9/17-9/30 (I don’t know if this is just for students or all season tickets).

Right now the situation is a mess. Beilein is saying one thing while the AD is telling the Maize Rage something completely different. I think the best solution is to sell the $99 tickets to upperclassmen but allow freshman in for free. Other students who don’t want to buy tickets can still get in on the three free games but it also gives freshman a chance to be exposed to the basketball program.

How else are you going to get freshmen to Crisler? They are faced with the decision of buying tickets for basketball or hockey, if anything at all. Giving free tickets to freshmen would at least bring some kids to the game who might not have otherwise gone. After all what college student doesn’t like free stuff?

What do you think is the optimal student ticket policy? Let’s hear it in the comments.

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