Thursday Notes: Vogrich & Visit Weekend

Illinois High School Basketball has the latest on 2009 SG Matt Vogrich:

People think Matt Vogrich is all about the three pointer and will be the token shooter off the bench for whatever final four contender he selects, but that isn’t quite the truth. An underrated athlete, Vogrich got his fair share of dunks in traffic this summer. His fast break dunk on “Matt Vogrich Jr.” (Ben Brust) at the Chicago Summer Classic was the best dunk I witnessed all summer. Some college coaches (who must remain unnamed) that offered Matt this summer were frequently heard throughout July saying things like “I always knew he could shoot, but I didn’t know he could do THAT!” And “That kid can start on my team right now…I have to have him… Where did he come from?” (Read more)

Vogrich seems to be the all around real deal and would be a big time coup for Beilein.

Got word that 2009 PF commitment Jordan Morgan will be in Ann Arbor for the big recruiting weekend as well. He also has scheduled his official visit for the Michigan State game.

Finally, a random rant. The Free Press posted this article last containing the Beilein quotes that were discussed here with this some what ridiculous headline:

UM’s Beilein makes orphanage joke at coaches clinic

I posted the quote here earlier, and I really don’t think it warranted a headline like that. The joke clearly wasn’t about orphanages, it was about parents and alumni. To their credit they did update the headline but this gives me a good idea how Rich Rodriguez turned into a cheap asshole who swears and has no family values so quickly. Here is the new headline:

U-M’s Beilein jokes about parents, alumni at clinic

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