Monday Notes: Recruiting, Amaker, More

Recruiting Weekend
Trey Zeigler didn’t make it in this weekend because he was in Mount Pleasant to support his dad’s big hoops recruiting weekend. This is understandable but it would have been great to have him in town for Saturday’s game. Lubick, Carroll, and Brandan Kearney were here and I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t have enjoyed themselves on the sidelines. The atmosphere in Michigan Stadium was electric in the 4th quarter. There were plenty of big names and alumni there: Isiah Thomas was there, Michael Phelps was there (wonder who set up this MJ meet?), and a commenter notes that Daniel Horton and Chris Hunter were also there.

Amaker’s Move Creates a Clash of Harvard Ideals
The New York Times has been all over Tommy at Harvard for a while since the articles came out this summer that focused on “lowering” qualifications (they remained at Ivy League approved levels) at Harvard to get in a couple recruits. My feeling on this is that Harvard hired Tommy to take their basketball program out of the Ivy League basement and there are going to be some growing pains. The bottom line is that better players are coming in and these kids got cut.

Do I feel sorry for them? Of course, being cut sucks but it happens. I don’t think they are getting kicked out of school though and they are still at Harvard.

Is Tommy desperate? Probably. He needs to win and win now and you don’t get too many chances in the coaching game.

Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Our Success is On Us
CJ talks conditioning, ownership of the program, Isiah, and Bill Martin. I really like what the AD is doing with CJ’s blog and I think they picked the perfect guy to do it. Not sure how I feel about them using the phrase MGoBlog when linking to the archives though.

Random Recruiting Notes: Matt Read (09 JUCO PF) to Utah, Notes on Lubick, Ayers ($), and Stover Getting Close To Decision ($).

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