What Now? Recruiting After Lubick

Nate LubickThere were positive vibes on Nate Lubick’s recruitment since Elite Camp this summer, there were articles about Nate recruiting other kids to Michigan, yet he never pulled the trigger. Something must have happened during his recent visit that didn’t make it into the reports of how much he enjoyed his time. But for whatever reason he decided he wasn’t a good fit. Lubick is going to be a big time player, and he could have been a statement recruiting for Beilein’s 2010 class.

Of course losing one recruit isn’t going to ruin the future of the program but acting like it is insignificant is not the right way either. This hurts and there is no way to slice it that will make it any better, it’s time to move on. This is why you take a guy like Robin Benzing when you can (even though it didn’t work out) even when there may be bigger possibilities on the horizon.

In 2009, Angus Brandt goes from a luxury to the number one priority. We need big men and we need them as soon as possible. Brandt’s recruitment is no gimmie and Beilein needs to put the full court press on. Luckily Brandt’s recruitment is just getting underway and Michigan should have a chance at least. There is playing time available in Ann Arbor for Angus and Beilein needs to let him know that. In regards to Will Barrett, I don’t know where his recruitment is at right now. Barrett would have been a good backup for Lubick, but he’s not really a replacement. I think the priority has to be Brandt over Barrett for the last spot in 2009 after losing Lubick even if that means risking going 0 for 2.

I just got an e-mail about one other name to watch: Blake McLimans, 6’9″ class of 09 big man from Worcester Academy (MA) who Beilein was reportedly taking a look at last weekend (his school is about 30minutes from Lubick’s).  McLimans has a similar style of play to Lubick and also is a baseball prospect (mid-upper 90s fastball). As far as his recruitment, he hasn’t played AAU ball (because of baseball) so he is under the radar. Siena has offered, while schools like Providence, PSU and BC are showing interest. Don’t know much more, but worth keeping an eye on.

In regards to the class of 2010, there is still time to cast a wider net and get in on some more kids. Alex Gauna is one possibility but the word on him is that he is Michigan State’s to lose.  Most of the highly regarded targets in the 2010 class have been guards and wings like Trey Zeigler (SG) and Russell Byrd (Wing). Byrd is closing in on a decision and Zeigler has a ways to go in his recruitment. These kids would be statement recruits but wouldn’t mask the fact that after Gibson there are two big men on the roster both 3 stars and one of whom is hobbled with hip problems. (A commenter (bluebufoon) points out Evan Smotrycz is another one to watch)

The best news I can think of at this point is that Beilein has been working his tail off on the recruiting trail and casting a wide net. There is plenty of talent out there in 2010 and I would expect to see a lot of new names popping up on the radar over the next few weeks and months as Beilein turns up the heat.

What a week it has been though Matt Vogrich goes from a long shot to a commitment and Lubick goes from a Michigan lean to a Georgetown verbal. Honestly, I’m ready to see this year’s team just play basketball.

Extra: Sam Webb podcast on Lubick and other hoops recruiting.

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