2008-2009 Season

Media Day Notes & Links

Hoops season is finally upon us with Media Day yesterday and practice tipping off on Friday.  Here are some quick bullets from Beilein’s presser if you don’t want to watch it above. I’m still looking for player video and audio but there are transcripts with all the players on MGoBlue.

  • Ready to roll, practice starts Friday.
  • Grown a lot on and off the court. Another tough schedule. Up to 5 high majors in the non conference season.
  • Ups and downs, hopefully more ups than last year.
  • Learning curve is different with every player, 2 months to 2 years.
  • Would be disappointed if the team is not more consistent. Hopeful there will be no more droughts and mental lapses.
  • Last year could play toe to toe with anyone for 30 minutes the last 10 games. Need to play for 40 minutes.
  • Shooting will be improved. As shooting percentage goes up, teams guard differently, inside chances increase and assist numbers will go up.
  • Have to think about improvement before winning, get better every day. Establish a culture of hard work, do everything the right way.
  • “Wasn’t the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning” – Have to get to the end of the beginning.
  • DeShawn will have more of an inside role. He would like to play more inside but playing outside last year also boosted his skill. Might even play some 5 if we want to play small ball.
  • Freshman will push returning players, watch for a week or two and decide who will help the most. Freshman, senior former walk-ons, who ever will help the team will play.
  • Want to have a top 7 or 8, don’t want to play 10 or 11 this year.
  • Zack Gibson – Double last year’s stats and he would have had very good stats (except blocked shots).
  • Hopeful that Cronin will be completely healthy and cleared shortly.
  • Laval Lucas-Perry can play either guard spot, really shoot the ball, good defense, will stick his nose in for loose balls.
  • No target number of wins.
  • 13 of 14 players passed the shooting and skill tests. (Cronin didn’t participate).

Here are a number of articles and reactions from the main stream media. I love the (borrowed) idea of putting the media through a practice and making the whole thing into more of an event.

For some discussion, let’s hear everyones top 7 or 8 that you see in the main rotation.

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