Football Friday: Little Brother Edition

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“We could lose every game the rest of this year as long as we get this one.” – Javon Ringer

“We are not going to lose to State,” – Brandon Graham

“It means more to us than a championship.” – Otis Wiley

Nothing like some juicy quotes to get a rivalry week going. The weather calls for rain and showers from Friday afternoon through Saturday. I guess this helps Michigan State because they have a consistent running game and when it rains Michigan turns the ball over even more than usual. The analysis all points to MSU in this game, the only thing on our side is the dominance of this rivalry. We need some of those patented Michigan State moments to have a chance in this one. The sad part is that we have had a lot more of those “moments” this year than our brothers in East Lansing.

I’m going Michigan State 28 – Michigan 17. Little Brother has to win a few games here and there. Let’s hear your predictions in the comments.

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