2008-2009 Season

Kent State Scrimmage Notes

With a completely closed and private scrimmage it’s hard to find any info. But pointing to random message board speculation here and here it appears that Michigan fared better than they did last year. The first post is a conversation with Ben Cronin from a message board poster. Here are a couple quick hitters (cleaned up slightly) from budawgs00’s post:

Poster: Hey man did you play yesterday in the scrimmage??
Cronin: yeah

Cronin: Good, we beat up on them pretty good.

Cronin: Yeah I’m all cleared to play, I’m going full in practice. I did pretty well when I was in. I just have alot to catch up on – like learning the plays.

Cronin: Zack Gibson,  DeShawn Sims, Dave Merritt, Anthony Wright and Stu Douglass
Don’t know who his set five are, he just threw random groups in different people started different games during the scrimmage.

Overall the reports from the scrimmage are certainly encouraging because Kent State is a solid team and are favored to win the MAC and return the MAC player of the year. Reports last year were that Kent State stuck it to Michigan pretty well. I certainly can’t wait for Thursday when the public gets their first chance to see the team in action. I wouldn’t worry about starting line-ups or anything else at this point either but the fact that the team played well overall and Cronin appears to be healthy is great news.

In other news the Maize Rage t-shirt has been spotted and student tickets are available for pickup:

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