Garden Party Open Thread

If anyone made it to the “Garden Party” you can share your thoughts here. I suspect it won’t be very well attended due to everyone either leaving the game or being wet and frozen.

Here are a couple recaps from readers who made it to the event:

From WolverineRobb:

They basically did some passing drills when finishing up their pratice and than they did a 25 minute full court scrimmage at the end. Coach B addressed the crowd by saying that Next Thursday Michigan will face UCLA and no one is expecting Michigan to win or give UCLA a game, except for these guys on the court and the fans in the stands. I believe he closed by saying we will make you proud. They introduced everone on the team also, and I didn’t stick around for autgraphs or talking to them.

From Giddings:

At one point (right after the football game ended) it seemed like there were more people in Crisler for the Garden Party than there were for the Northeastern game… but then when people started to realize that they had to sit through 30 minutes of practice before the scrimmage, many took off.

Still, it was refreshing just to see the undefeated b-ball team out there after witnessing yet another football debacle. Ant was insane, definitely the game-high scorer with plenty of threes. Most impressive was his pump fake / step back three from about 5 feet outside the arc with a man on him.

Also very tantalizing to see Shep play so well… this has been the story on him for the last four years. A STAR in open gyms and scrimmages, but just way too tentative in actual games. Today he was knocking down jumpers, slashing and dishing, picking off passes and finishing on the break. I would love to see him succeed this year but I just can’t see any reason why the “light” would suddenly come on this year for him… if anyone could help him get over his mental issues, I thought it would be Beilein. So far, same thing as the Tommy years.

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