Eso Akunne to Walk On at U-M

6 foot 3 Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard guard Eso Akunne plans to walk on at Michigan next year. Eso is a very solid player but is a little undersized for his style of play at 6-foot-3. Eso is a thick kid at around 220 pounds and seems to like to get in the lane and find a way to put the ball in the hoop — at times it appears by the awy he plays that he is almost more of a post player. He’s a versatile player who has offers from Oakland, Buffalo and others. Eso also isn’t really a three point specialist but while he doesn’t fit the general mold for a Beilein guard he is certainly an intriguing prospect.

The idea of Eso walking on at Michigan has been talked about for a while so this isn’t shocking news. However it’s a good get for Beilein and comes at little cost because it’s just a preferred walk-on spot. I like that Beilein has brought in walk-ons in consecutive classes (Corey Person last year) that are both good students and also solid prospects. This is just one of the little things that plays a part in building a successful program (i.e. Austin Thornton at MSU).

Here is a Detroit News article from today with mentions of Jordan Morgan, Eso Akunne, Josh Herbeck and others.


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