2008-2009 Season

Monday Polls: Not Ranked

ESPN/USAToday coaches poll is out and Michigan is not ranked. They did pick up 28 votes (from 1 to 29) good for a tie for 30th in the country (they were 37th last week). Other notable rankings: Duke fell to 7th, MSU fell to 20th, and Ohio State is at #21.

The AP is out and Michigan comes in at #28 with 119 votes. Duke at #7, Michigan State at #18, Ohio State at #21

I don’t have a problem with the rankings, the only 2 loss teams that are in the top 25 were all around the top 10 in the preseason and that’s just the way polls work. Luckily for Michigan the polls don’t matter in the end. Michigan’s RPI is at 15th, good for 2nd in the Big Ten (this will probably go down a bit over the next 4 games).

It would have been nice for us as fans to see the team get ranked but for the team I think this is better. Not being ranked keeps the chip on their shoulder headed into some games against lackluster competition. Being left out is a firm reminder that we aren’t there yet. We certainly can’t afford any Savannah State performances in the 4 games leading up to the Big Ten opener against Wisconsin.

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