Scouting Matt Vogrich (12-18-2008)

Next in an ongoing series of recruiting scouting reports. This time it’s another Michigan commitment, Matt Vogrich. Thanks on this one go to Bill St. John for providing the report. I should have a Moses Morgan report up soon as well.

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Matt VogrichJust returned from watching Matt Vogrich play Mundelein High School and thought I’d share some thoughts. To start here is the line from tonight’s game:

26 pts
9-21 from the field including 0-3 from behind the arc.
9 rebounds (4 off, 5 def)
2 assists and 8-11 from the line

Mundelein is a good not great team but played physical all night. I have seen Matt play two games this week and I get the impression he turns it on when necessary and chooses to be unselfish based on the competition. I must say it was the quietest 26 I’ve ever seen. He passed on several opportunities that I’m sure would drive Coach Belein crazy but again they had a comfortable lead most of the night (LF won by 20).

He is a fine athlete and has great body control on breaks and in the lane. My only concern would be the absence of a mid range game. I’ve yet to see him shoot from 10-15 ft opting instead to take it all the way to the hoop even forcing it at times. He either shoots a three or it’s a 2 foot layup (most times splitting two defenders). Of course he is the best player on the floor and from what I’ve seen one of the tallest so scoring from inside isn’t a bad thing they just aren’t shots he’ll get next year. I do look forward to watching him with great players around him. I’ve yet to see the stroke I’ve heard so much about but I’m sure it will come with better competition. Being a coach myself I love his vision. He had two excellent anticipation assists where he let the pass go before a cut was made leading his man to the bucket for an easy layup. He really feels the game and fits perfect in a Beilein system.

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