Blake McLimans Video: Worcester vs. New Hampton

I have to apologize in advance for the overall quality of the video and camera work. It was the only footage I had to work with and I figured it would be better than nothing. The problem with WTHef sharing all of that quality Darius Morris footage is that it raised expectations for anything else I post. Blake is #44 in maroon (Worcester) and the footage is from a 84-74 win over New Hampton. I’ve included all the plays that Blake played a part in even though some of them might not quite be “highlights”. Blake has been a bit of a mystery recruit so hopefully this can at least give everyone glimpse into his game, my first takeaways are that he blocks a lot of shot sand shoots a lot of threes.


There is also some Will Regan video floating around the net, WGRZ was on hand to see Regan score his 1000th point at Nichols Academy. Check out the video here.

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