BlogPoll: 2/9/2009

The CBS College Basketball Blog Poll debuts this week and I am taking part. This is the first time I have ever participated in any kind of top 25 voting so I wouldn’t be surprised if my ballot is sub-par. Luckily I can submit a revised ballot on Wednesday after I hear your feedback.

I’m supposed to explain some sort of voting philosophy about how I ranked the teams. I clearly can’t watch every team play but I do watch an unhealthy amount of college basketball. If there is a team that I have seen before and liked their game, I probably gave them a little boost. Otherwise I just looked up and down the list of various computer rankings and started throwing them into the list. Overall I don’t have much of a philosophy in place right now, I am open to suggestions there as well.

The results of the entire poll will be posted on sometime Monday afternoon.

Rank Team
1 Connecticut
2 North Carolina
3 Oklahoma
4 Pittsburgh
5 Duke
6 Michigan St.
7 Memphis
9 Villanova
10 Louisville
11 Wake Forest
12 Marquette
13 Xavier
14 Butler
15 Clemson
16 Arizona St.
17 Ohio St.
18 Utah St.
19 Missouri
20 Kansas
21 Gonzaga
22 Purdue
23 Florida St.
24 Minnesota
25 Illinois

If you were wondering, I do realize that Utah State is probably ranked way too high (they have played no one). I had thrown them in there at the back but after I realized how many teams lost I ended up moving them up too much.

Site News: Recruiting round up will be later in the week this week due to some bonus Michigan State stuff.

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