Scouting Matt Vogrich: Lake Forest vs Barrington

Lake Forest took on Barrington High School in the opening round of the IHSA regionals. Michigan commitment Matt Vogrich scored 19 points in the easy win over Barrington. One of our commenters, MaizeNBlue2, made it to the game and provided this scouting report. Barrington was not the greatest competition (they are 7-21 on the year) and it seems to me like Lake Forest might have fallen asleep at the wheel a little bit before pulling away in the second half.

19 Total Points (17 in the first half)
8/12 FG (2-4 3pt)
1/1 Free Throws
6 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 1 Block, 1 Turnover

Matt scored all but two of his points in the first half.  He had all 9 of his team’s points in the first quarter, then added 8 more in the second.  The game was tied 26 all at the half.  It seemed like Barrington was the underdog in the game, but this is my first ever Illinois High School Basketball game, so I don’t know.  Lake Forest didn’t look like they were working all that hard on defense, which allowed Barrington to get open looks from behind the arc that they knocked down.

The second half was a different matter.  Vogrich and his teammates turned it up a notch defensively in the second half.  The got out on the break early and often and blew it open.  Final score was 67-46 Lake Forest.  Vogrich didn’t score much, but he cleaned up on the boards (5 in the second half), got two of his three assists, and deflected several passes that led to steals.

He did a nice job of filling the lanes on the break and when he was the outlet man, he did a nice job of keeping his head up and finding the open man.  In the half court set, he did a nice job of recognizing when the extra pass was there.  And there was one really nice play that he made when Barrington was in desperation mode.  They were in a 1-3-1 half court trap and Vogrich was bringing the ball into the frontcourt.  He recognized the trap was coming and threw a laser into the post that led to an uncontested layup.  He was able to take a couple of bigger guys off the dribble, but I don’t think he’s going to be able to create his own shot effectively at the next level.

He does have a tendency to stand straight up on defense, and there were a couple of times where he got caught looking at the ball and lost his man.  He did seem to show some leadership after halftime when the team needed it, and did all the little things necessary to get the win.

Overall, he seems to have a very good stroke and the mechanics look good, but I can’t attest to his range.  (He did hit one from about 2 feet behind the line, but that was it).  I’m afraid that Beilein is going to have a bit of work to do with him defensively though.  The other concern I have is his build.  He doesn’t have much muscle definition at all.  He still looks like he could be a freshman or sophomore, and not a senior.  I know this may not mean much, but I’m concerned about whether he can take the physicality of the Big Ten.

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